Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival 2009

On November 22nd 2009, faith traditions came together in the spirit of peace to celebrate at the Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival. The festival, held at the Peninsula Community Theatre in Mornington, allowed individuals and groups to learn more about each others beliefs and practices. In particular, traditions demonstrated different aspects of their faith through music, dance, art, food, workshops and talks.

A number of wonderful activities were held on the day:

Multifaith Concert: The Multifaith Concert brought together an array of musical and dance performances from the world’s main faith traditions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Indigenous, Islam and Jewish.

Art: The festival included an Art Exhibition entitled ‘Spirituality: What it Means to Me’. This exhibition showcased the diverse ways individuals interpret the theme ‘Spirituality’. 42 entrants entered the exhibition and prizes were given out to outstanding works. In addition to the Art Exhibition, a number of Art Workshops were conducted including ‘Buddhist Butter Sculpting’, ‘Art Therapy’ and ‘Creative Inquiry for Artists’.

Workshops: A number of workshops were run on the day, including a ‘Learn to Meditate’ with renowned teacher and author Swami Shankarananda, ‘African Drumming & Dancing’ and 'Laughter Yoga'.

Environment Talks: Four well-respected environmental faith leaders came together to discuss the challenges our planet is facing, drawing on the wisdom of their respective faith. A representative from the Mornington Peninsula Shire also discussed the impact of changing weather on the Mornington Peninsula region.

Food: The Hare Krishnas cooked up a storm with delicious food from their faith tradition, giving people a taste of the divine.

Faith Stands: A number of Spiritual and Religious groups operated table-stands, offering information on their respective faiths and practices.

Children’s Activities: Children activities were run throughout the day, including face painting, making peace cranes, prayer flags and various art workshops.

Approximately 500 people attended the event which, for a second year running, was a resounding success.

Interfaith Festival
Left: Faith Leaders giving blessing at the opening ceremony    Right: Temple Beth Israel Choir

Interfaith Festival
Left: Brahma Kumaris Faith Stand       Right: African Drumming & Dancing

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