Spirituality Talk: Environment & Spirituality with Rabbi Keren-Black

On Sunday 18th October 2009, Rabbi Jonathon Keren-Black shared his valuable time to speak on the topic of “Environment & Spirituality”.   The function was attended by approximately 65 people who shared the evening with a warm soup at The Rye Hotel in Rye. 

Rabbi Keren-Black, co-founder of Green Faith Australia, shared with us his project on building the “Jeco” house, a seven star rating home. He also discussed about Solar Panels and the hybrid Toyota Prius – an energy saving vehicle. Jonathan provided some very practical ways on how to make our homes more energy efficient. 

The Rabbi’s religious background in Judaism reminded us we are all linked together with the same origins in History.  His explanation of the Hebrew Bible, highlighted the earliest origins for the concern of the environment – to use but not abuse.

The Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network would like to thank Dorothy and all her crew at the The Rye Hotel for their generous hospitality and efficiency.

Rabbi Keren-Black