Spirituality Talk: Freeing the Mind from Depression & Fear with Venerable Robina Courtin

The Spirituality Talk with Venerable Robina Courtin (Tibetan Buddhist nun) was held in partnership with the Anglican Parish of Sorrento and Rye who hosted Robina’s weekend visit from Sydney. The topic of Robina’s talk was 'Freeing the Mind from Depression & Fear'. The evening held at the Continental Hotel in Sorrento on the 3rd May was a tremendous success.

We hoped to get 60 to 80 people but ended up with 145, the majority being from the local area and the wider Peninsula. Given the extraordinary numbers on a Sunday night in Sorrento the space was tight, but the feeling in the Hardy Bar with so many people together was great.

We met at 6pm and had dinner together. At 7pm Robina began her spellbinding teaching. She started and ended with beautiful Buddhist chants. The audience listened intently as Robina expounded in a contemporary and engaging way on Buddha’s teaching on the mind, the nature of fear and depression and how to practically deal with them, and the need for simple and short meditation practises to disengage the mind from fearful patterns.

After the talk, half an hour of question time followed. People had many questions. As response
to some of the questions Robina movingly told some of her life-story as well as reflected on the Tibetan Buddhist understanding of karma, re-incarnation, meditation, and interfaith dialogue.

The evening was a great success with many people expressing their deep appreciation for what the Interfaith Network is doing. Robina has graciously expressed her willingness to come back to the Peninsula and perhaps do a more intensive, retreat-style day of teachings and meditations. We all look forward to inviting her back.

By Reverend Hans Christiansen, Assistant Priest at St Andrew's Parish in Rye

Robina Courtin

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