Listening to the Land: Bushranger's Bay, Cape Schanck

The land inspired us all on this glorious day, Saturday 17th of July 2010. Uncle Lionel and his nephew Billy led us on a breath-taking walk. Whilst it was a bit cold at the start, within a few minutes we began to warm up. Uncle Lionel asked us to keep our eyes open, to see things we would otherwise miss.  He encouraged us to allow the bush to soak into our souls. He pointed out buds and grasses and delicious bush tucker sitting around us in abundance, like bush spinach and wild parsley. Uncle Lionel reminded us that the land does not need us, we need the land. We listened in silence.

After a 2.6 km walk, our group of twenty five people arrived at Bushranger’s Bay.  Uncle Lionel explained how Bushranger’s Bay, full of volcanic material, was the perfect place for aboriginal ancestors to create weapons and tools. Uncle Lionel gave a quick demonstration creating some simple tools and passing them around. He then walked us over to some shell middens which were thousands of years old. The group meditated around these middens, showing outmost respect. Keeping our eyes open, we gazed towards the ocean feeling the light breeze and listening to nephew Billy playing the didgeridoo. A sea eagle flew above us. It was a magical moment.

Eventually we walked back to the picnic grounds where an abundance of vegetarian food awaited us. Children played as we shared our thoughts and experiences. We thanked Uncle Lionel and nephew Billy for his guidance and insight on connecting to the land. It was a wonderful spiritual experience.
By Annie Whitlocke

Listening to the Land: Cape Schanck

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