Spirituality Talk: Understanding Depression with Nick Allen

On Sunday 16th August 2009, 70 people gathered at the Continental Hotel in Sorrento to hear Nick Allen, a clinical phychologist, give a talk on 'Understanding Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment'.

Nick Allen captivated the audience with his easy going nature and his ability to communicate in simple laymen terms. Nick shared his work on Beyond Blue and his knowledge on Adolescent Depression, showing how the family has an important supporting role to play.  He also explained the warning signs for a ‘depressed’ person and the avenues for support.

Discussions included openess to alternative medicine but the importance of finding the right formula that works for each individual.

The evening was very interactive with people constantly asking questions and sharing personal experiences. Overall it was a great success that could have continued into the early hours of the morning if our Master of Ceremonies, Hans Christiansen, did not reign us all in.

We thank Nick for his generosity in sharing his time and knowledge!

Nick Allen

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